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down and to have this disrupt life for seems like things are changing everywhere. >> for me and my church, we pray for them every day. it is a big loss for our community. >> members of the santa cruz police department and the santa cruz county sheriff arrived aboard chartered buses with large group from the san francisco police department, too many agencies even to enumerate here. all the people in the vehicles have somber faces focusing on the two fallen officers. we are live in san jose for abc7 news. >> david, thank you. the memorial bracelets are available to the public in honor of the fallen officers. each bracelet has a tag with an engraving of the batch numbers. they cost $15. a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the officers' memorial fund. if you would like to buy a grace let go to and click on "see it on tv." a scholarship fund is set up in on of the officers with businesses contributing $125,000. if you would like to make a donation go to and click on "see it on tv" at top of the home page. live coverage of the santa cruz police o
chapel. we want to be extremely careful. we have seen the smoke change. it looks light but we want to keep watching and make sure we are exactly right. i have with me archbishop gregory from atlanta. what do you think? >> i want to hear the bells. the bells are supposeed to signal that, indeed, it and white smoke. it looks like white smoke. there are the bells. there are the bells. let's pause for the roar at st. st. peter's square. [ applause ] >> it is white smoke. there is a pope, a new pope for the 1.2 billion catholics around the world. i want to go at this moment to josh elliott. what does it sound like to you? >> reporter: of course, it was the moment when nobody could tell as you mentioned diane, but then, when it turned white and those bells started peeling, the ripples of u foreya could be heard. i can tell you there are tens and tens of thousands of people that packed the square. it's flowing down the main avenue leading to vatican square. there were gasps almost. i would describe it as a collective shock. again, this is something that many of these people, however faith
tried to allow bicycles on fridays in august and it was a tie. we had 37 percent opposed to changing the rules. we had 37 percent for changing the rules. that is why bart needs this second test. >> officials highly recommend participation in the survey after this test week saying the board will pay close attention to rider feedback. >> they want to see how this test week goes. we do have many board members that are passionate about bicycles just as our cyclists are. >> the input really could help break a tie in this situation so they have an online survey you can participate in, they have a phone number you can call if you want to express yourself that way. you can do it all the way until april 3rd. we have put all of that information on our website at give bart your feedback. you have until april 3rd and then the bart board will talk about what to do. >> thank you. still ahead, a major announcement from former secretary of state, hillary clinton. why some political experts think it is a signal about her future. pope francis is meeting with someone he has a history with
. >> in addition to the toll changes the speed has been raised to 25 miles an hour going through the toll gate. >> people go a little too fast. >>> history is being made in san francisco as officials break ground on what's expected to be the tallest skyscraper on the west coast. they are celebrating the start of construction on the new transbay transit tower. the tower will be next to the 41duvay transit center at 1st and mission street. it will be 1,070 feet tall, more than 50 feet taller than the old record holder. the project is expected to be finished in 2016. >>> kind of looking ahead, wondering if the easter bunny is going to be wet. >> a good chance of that. take a look at our camera, you'll see raindrops. temperatures range from the low 50s to the 60s and sunshine in san jose. i'll let you know who can expect rain and when when we come back. >> all right, thank you. and we're going to show you these terrifying moments as a large earthquake hits taiwan. it sent young people and children scattering for cover. >>> and a possible ban on the sale of bottled water at some parks. what officia
before it can be called a true cure. >> it is a landmark case that could change h.i.v. treatment. the child born in mississippi to an h.i.v.-positive mother who had no prenatal care, was given relatively high doses of three antiviral drugs 30 hours after being born. the doctor who treated the baby talked about it. >> i did tests. as i started the drugs, there were two different tests showing in the next couple of days if we got results and that the baby was already infected. >> the child remained on the drugs for 15 months. then the doctor lost touch with the mother. what happened about a year later got the medical community's attention. >> the mom admitted she had not been giving the medicine for the past several months and i fully expected the babies numbers to go back up. but we drew the test, we got back, and still, undetectable. >> there was in trace of the virus. >> at firsts i thought i had been treating a child not actually infected. >> after laboratory work was checked and double checked, the doctors from boston and baltimore were brought in to begin research. now, at 2
-to-day situation. we know it can change in a minute. we are hanging in there and we have not been tagged but we know it could happen. >> this started when a 16" underground water pipe from 1951 broke on wednesday before 3:00 a.m. two feet of water rushed down the seat. 23 homes were damages. days later the soil was giving way under the homes where owners thought water damage to the ground floor belongings was the worst they were going to have to deal with. but it turns out that is not the case and the future is uncertain for many of them with the rain coming underscoring the uncertainty. live from san francisco in west portal neighborhood. >> registered sex offender broke into a woman's home and he was arrested at 3:30 this morning. he was wearing an ankle bracelet and is currently on parole for burglary. police say that the woman called 9-1-1 after waking up to an intruder this her bedroom. the suspect was identified near the crime scene acting like a bystander. investigators say he had women's underwear in his pocket and was listening to police scanners on his cell phone. >> obvious police in
crime lab technician accused of stealing drug evidence is expected to change her plea. the 62-year-old woman is in federal court right now set to plead guilty to misdemeanor possession for taking cocaine from the crime laboratory in 2009. the lesser charge that results in the plea deal carry as maximum one year sentence. to previous trials resulted in a hung jury. because of the scandal, 500 drug-related cases were dismissed. >> the army now says they did not prosecute a former soldier on rape charges because there wasn't enough evidence. the former soldier killed to santa cruz police officers. goulet was accused in two rape cases in 2006 but the army says d.n.a. testing failed to link him to the victims. last month, goulet gun down a santa cruz detective elizabeth butler and loran "butch" baker, and the former defense secretary and bay area members of congress are demanding information on how the military handled the case. reuters suspended with pay a journalist accused of conspiring with a hacker group. the 26-year-old is facing federal charges for allegedly promising hackers acc
of teaching in oakland schools. the independent study calls for the change in the way teachers are evacuated and compensated. highway does the teachers' union react? >> not well. the union calls the study "flawed, slanted and anti-union." that reaction does not bode well for the community groups who hoped educators and policymakers would get behind it. the national council makes 25 recommendations to the unify school district and seven to the state. >> great teaching does not happen by accident. it happens when there are good policies and excellence practices that are in place. >> a coalition of open community groups paid for the study. >> we know from our experiences and the research, that there is more we could be doing to set up our teaches for success. >> they say oakland needs to do a better job of hiring and assigning teachers. the district now hires teachers late in the summer when many candidates have already found other jobs. the council says principles should have final say over hiring and clarify teacher evaluation standards that are confusing, pay top teachers more with performan
visit to the west bank. what he is criticizing israel about. >> later, could big changes come to yosemite national park? why of the area's popular creature comforts are on >> happening now in southern california, a landslide is blocking northbound traffic along pacific coast highway. caltran officials believe it was caused by dirt that was saturated when a hose was left on bringing down trees, bushes, and lawn furniture. crews cleaning up the mess right now and expect to have all northbound lanes re-opened this evening. >> we have break news from santa cruz. the district attorney has announced criminal charges against a young woman who lied about being raped on the uc santa cruz campus. the 20-year-old woman from santa barbara has been charged with giving false information to police. investigators say she originally told them two months ago that she was walking on a campus trail and she was beaten and assaulted. a campus-wide alert was issued and a sketch of a suspect was released based on her description which proved to be false. >> president obama is covering a lot ground in
to the pacific northwest. this whole area of cold air is coming our way for next week and we will see it changing with the season. it is clear across the bay with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's and check out pleasanton at 68 in mill valley 69 and palo alto is 60 but you are coming into the sunshine. here is a look at san mateo bridge, the foggy area in the bay right new. temperatures are running 55 in fremont because of that fog, low-to-mid 60's in santa rosa and napa and fairfield and gilroy. today, it will be mostly sunny this afternoon and we are still going to have our warmest afternoon especially in the east bay valley today. that is where it will be warmest. clouds tomorrow and evening sprinkles and the wet weather for tuesday, especially wednesday, and lingering on thursday, a beautiful picture of tahoe this morning and you can see temperatures are back here at home, with the snow contrasting the 60's and 70's we will have to the cooler weather there up in the mountains and check out our temperatures inland, low-to-mid 70's and mid-60's to low 70's around the bay and low-to-mid 60's
change the look of the restaurant. but her builder insisted. >> if anything going wrong it will save the porch. it really did save the restaurant this time. >> it is not the first fire at chez panisse. the last fire was 31 years and a day ago. she said that fire started in the fireplace between the dining room and kitchen. memories that haunt her today. >> it was right before my partner died has a lot of...a lot of emotional sadness. >> insurance saved the restaurant then. waters assures she will be fine this time. she will rebuild and perhaps expand, with devoted diners look forward to that day. >> she will be rebuilding and it will be beautiful. she believes in excellence and quality. that place will be as beautiful as before if not even better. >> chose announced they are canceling all reservations through manner 31 and she would like to re-open the undamaged portion of the restaurant, the upstairs cafe as soon as possible but the problem is in order to do that she has to figure out how to rebuild the downstairs hall so people can get upstairs and enjoy the culinary desti
to try to change the conversation from what we cannot to do what we can. no matter how much progress we have made women are far from having seats at the table where most decisions are made from the corporate boardroom all the way to the pta meeting, our voices are not equally heard. >> facebook coo says she wants to create a movement, and is focusing on action and progress among women who have been stuck for the last 10 years, citing that only 15 percent of the top jobs in corporate america belong to women and only 4 percent of stay at home parents are men. >> we are still held back by the stereotypes. the national retailer printed wunsies for kids for the boys, smart like daddy, and the girls, pretty like mommy. that was just two years ago. in her book she says that too many working women hold themselves back preventing their own success because they are conditioned to cheese being appreciateed over assertive. >> we call our daughters bossy but not our sons. we need to say she has executive leadership skills. >> she is criticized for candor and admits it comes because of her extraordin
of the school this week and others say they are watching carefully. >> i am sure they will make the changes so we are already almost done with the school year so we are not going to pull our son out. i feel for the child and the parents. >> the police say at this point it appears to be an isolateed incident. they are trying to figure if they will charge the teacher with a crime. the teacher took a picture of the child and showed it to other teachers including the child's mother who contacted authorities . >> the child's mother has been a teacher here and last week felt because of this incident she could not continue. >> officials planned to hold a meeting tonight to discuss this with parents, some of whom say they will not abandon the school. >> the school is new and i want to support the school. >> we are devastated and shocked this is a horrible incident. we deplore it in the greatest way possible. they. be holding a meeting tonight for parents to discuss all of this and the teacher for longer works here. the police still have people to interview and they say they have not talked with the te
and changing over to scattered light rain. we will have the unsettled weather through tomorrow, and real spring warmth headed into the first weekend in the spring. >> here is what is happening, high pressure is pushing down to the south but it is directing most of this energy to the north and a very mature system that has lost its energy with a lot of moisture coming from hawaii but not a lot of lift in the atmosphere to create it. we have a moist and mild flow. we were mild this morning and comfortable this afternoon and the reason we will be warmer tomorrow morning is because of that. with the thicker clouds, watch as the sprinkles develop across the north bay this afternoon, and you can see a better pocket of light rain at 5:00 and, also, along the peninsula coast, and as we head through the evening showers, we will have some sprinkles and light rain from time to time at at&t park but it will not be that heavy. we will probably get the game in with no problems and maybe not a delay. through the evening hours, it is still just scattered sprinkles through tomorrow morning and then the more org
difficult so it is a good idea to check day-to-day and see how things change. >> it is complicated. >> a report reveals behind-the-scenes drama at nbc "today," with the host almost jumped to use last year. he was about to sign a deal to reunite with his former co-host, katie marzullo, and join abc7 news "katie" as well as contribute to "good morning america" and other ace programs complaining about an courtry -- about currie and is taking a hit ♪ ♪ if loving you is wrong ♪ i don't wanna be right [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, whole grain oats. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. with clusts of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> 3:00 on "katie" true stories of redemption and forgiveness. and an american automaker is in trouble for an offensive cartoon ad creating outrage around the world. a california program paying you to go green on green on the roa. >> prince harry is coming back to the united states but
. >> attitudes are changing rapidly. a majority of americans believe they should be allowed to wed. outside the court an almost carnival-like atmosphere the debate continues. tomorrow, in a separate case the justices consider the defense of marriage act, the 1996 law that denies federal benefits to same-sex couples legally married in their states. >> inside the court for today's argument, white house senior advisor and chief justice john roberts' first cousin, a lesbian, who wants do marry her partner of four years. live in washington at the supreme court for abc7 news. back to you. >> thank you. cameras are not allowed in the court but the supreme court has released audio of the hearing. the lawyer defending prop 8 faced tough questions from the justices. >> what harm you see happening and when and how and what harm to the institution of marriage or to opposite sex couples, how does this cause and effect work? >> once again, i would reiterate we don't believe that's the correct legal question before the court. that the correct question is, whether or not redefining marriage to include same
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